September 17, 2011

Updated: Gram Parsons - "Return of the Grievous Angel" - Another Favourite Song

The story of the life of Gram Parsons is truly unbelievable. If you wanted to write a script for a movie about sex, drugs and rock and roll you couldn't get much better than this!

(There is a movie about his death called "Grand Theft Parsons").

It all happened:no fiction.  

Many books have been written about Gram Parsons and I have read almost all of them - one more to go.  
His music has been an inspiration to many singers including Dwight Yoakam, and he continues to inspire EmmyLou Harris who contributes her amazing harmonies on this track.  
He was also friends with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. 

 Although he did not write the lyrics to this song he did set it to music after it was sent to him as a poem. 

Sadly I had not heard of him when he was alive but at least I discovered him much later and I am now in a better position to appreciate him and his contribution to music.

More information about Gram Parsons here and here

I have decided to update this post. 

One reason is because I now remember that I missed out on the "Return to Sin City" concert by ONE day! 

I went to the USA that year....and to Santa Barbara in particular. 2004 I think.

There were many fabulous performances. I am posting one of Dwight Yoakam as he will always be one of my favourite  Country and Western performers. 

Keith Richards also performed at this concert.

(There were two concerts - one in LA and one in Santa Barbara - I arrived in Santa Barbara one day after it - drats!!!).

The other reason is that I recently remembered Allison Moorer's song - "Send Down An Angel". I have always loved her vocals.

Check it out. I think this is a tribute to Gram Parsons. 

The Nudie suit is unmistakeable.

Below - picture of Keith Richards' Nudie Suit at auction. (Picture credit AFP).


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September 07, 2011

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