January 18, 2012

Incredible Piano Solo of Jarrod Radnich - Harry Potter Theme

I wrote about Jarrod Radnich here.

I think he has inspiring talent! 
Here is yet another clip of him playing the theme from the “Harry Potter”movies.
I admit I have not read any of the books, but I have seen all the films. 
Many of the first books I ever read were by Enid Blyton

Although she wrote many adventure stores, like “The Famous Five” and “The Secret Seven”, she also wrote many books about goblins, elves, fairies and assorted magical creatures.The “Faraway Tree” books are a perfect example of this.
I also read, and watched the “Narnia” books and films.
Many years later came the “Star Wars” movies.
These are all classic tales of good versus evil – a thing all generations have confronted over the years and will, no doubt, continue to do so.

It is just a shame that we do not have any magical helpers or even superheroes like Superman to look after us! 

I think all the above have contributed to the success of the “Harry Potter” franchise.
Having said all that, watch Jarrod Radnich do a superb rendition of the theme from “Harry Potter”!

Originally uploaded by on Jun 7, 2011, this clip is now from Jarrod's You Tube Channel.

This is a video we produced of Jarrod Radnich performing his original copyrighted arrangement of Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. 

Top 10 Movie Sets Ever Built

Picture below via Twitter.


January 02, 2012

Jon English : "Dark Horses"

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There are other posts about Jon English on this blog which can be found with the search function and I have written about Jon English,   before, and also  here.

These are just a few little things that have made me happy during my life. And I know it is pure escapism.

I really love this song, and so many others Jon English has done that I cannot list them all.
The lyrics may mean different things to you than what they mean to me.

It doesn’t matter.

I think they are great lyrics.


Hitchin' a ride into nowhere, people just killin' some ti-i-ime
Wastin' away with their own life, but wishin' away with their mi-inds
Watch 'em run
Or some folks travel on stowaway, some people flash through the fire
Some like to cruise down the boulevarde, some just go tight as a wire

But they run [all day long]
Dark horses runnin' their own race, makin' their own pace
On and on [on and on]
Usin' the power of the light force, we all ride dark horses who run

Some live the life of a stranger, some never look in your eye-eyes
Some sing and dance to the music, and some close their ears to the noise

But they run [all day long]
Dark horses savin' the last chance for the last dance
On and o-on [on and on]
Usin' the power of the light force, we all ride dark horses, and you -

You can waste your time and place [all day long]
Some place it's always rainin' [on and on]
Everybody needs someone to be someone
And the race is on now, watch 'em run

On and on, runnin' o-on

Oh, some realise their potential, some don't know where to begin
Some see a fire burnin' deep down inside, some the colour of the skin

But they run
Dark horses runnin' for everyone, on and on, oh they ru-un
Usin' the power of a light force, they all ride dark horses who ru-un
Dark horses, power of a hurricane, never twice the same
On and o-on [on and on]
Usin' the power of the light force
Ridin' on and on [all day long]
Dark horses runnin' their own race, makin' their own pace
On and on [on and on]
Usin' the power of the light force
Oh-oh, we all ride dark horses
Thanks to 123 Lyrics

From the album cover notes:
“Oh, by the way “Dark Horses” is a bastardised metaphor meaning loosely; Whatever is possible will be achieved by someone or something least expected. When it happens, however, no one will be surprised...” 
Jon English


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