May 16, 2011

Human Ingenuity: From the Renaissance to the Age of the Internet - The Sistine Chapel

Take a “tour” of the Sistine Chapel.
This site,(link above), and the actual Sistine Chapel are totally amazing, and a testament to human ingenuity.

The efforts of Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci never cease to amaze!

What Was the Enlightenment?

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Human Ingenuity: From the Renaissance to the Age of the Internet - The Sistine Chapel

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Human Ingenuity: From the Renaissance to the Age of the Internet - The Sistine Chapel

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May 11, 2011

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May 08, 2011

Whole Body Integration – The Mind, Body & Soul Connection

By Daniel Rechnitzer

Understanding this connection is what makes Accessing Universal Intelligence possible.
There is a beautiful relationship between Mind Body and Soul, one many are unaware of.
When all three are in harmony, the “impossible” can be achieved. When they are dislocated we experience struggle, pain and suffering. The by product of which, is the world we see today.

But, how do we get Mind, Body and Soul in harmony. What does it take?
First of all, it takes a deeper understanding as to what each of these concepts refer to.
Lets begin with the concept of SOUL.

What does the soul mean to you?
In truth, we as human beings are ill equipped to fully grasp the full extent of this concept. All we can really do is to point to what it means. I’d like to share with you, what we at the Ui Group mean when we talk about the SOUL.
First of all, we use the word Higher Self. Others may call it your spirit, inner being or even life force or god-force. In essence we are all talking about the same thing.
To us your Higher Self is the mastermind behind all the coincidences and synchronicity in your life.

They are architects of fate if you like.

They are the sensation of LOVE within your body, and they are the driving force inside that steers you towards all that brings you happiness, fulfillment and spiritual development.
They are connected to all that is, All Knowing, they are the Genius Within.
They have a PLAN for you, which some describe through the use of the word – fate. This PLAN is a series of experiences they desire for you – that will give you (and them) fulfilment and growth.

They are eternal, and indestructible.

So then what do we mean by the term MIND?

Again, in truth, it is difficult to capture the enormity of this concept in full. We are ill-equipped to do so.

We see the MIND as that part of you that realises it’s alive, self awareness in other words.
We see the MIND as the cockpit for your soul / Higher Self. It is how they steer your choices toward experiences they desire for you, feeding you inspiration and insights.

Unfortunately, the mind is not always occupied by the SOUL, for if it were the planet would not be so out of balance. We, our intellect, our mind made identity or ego as we call it – that part of us that sabotages our growth, – actually occupies the mind more often.
The quieter the mind is the more influence the soul has over your choices and the greater your intelligence becomes.

The next is our BODY, what is its purpose?
The body houses the soul. It carries the soul from moment to moment, from one experience to the next.
It’s our vehicle! It gets us from A to B, providing us a wealth of experiences throughout life. It is our best friend!
But the body plays a dual role:
  1. It provides a physical experience for the soul,
  2. And to ensure this physical experience is what was intended, that is, what is in your highest good, the body plays the role of communicating back to the mind, how you are travelling, or whether Mind Body and Soul are in harmony with one another.
What most people don’t realise, is that the body is actually a reflection of the soul, not a reflection of your thoughts, to be accurate.
To ensure we are walking our Soul’s predetermined path, our soul uses our body to communicate to us. Feelings of joy and fulfillment are reminders we are on track. Pain and suffering and stagnation show us we are off track, out of sync.
Think of the body from the standpoint of your very own, walking, talking GPS. (Global Positioning System – or in car navigation)

Lets examine the language of the body even further. .
Each organ, muscle, or bone, represents an experience we as human beings can have.
For example, your eyes are the experience of seeing life.
Your hips give you the experience of moving forward, or not.
Even your bowels are an experience in life, they are the process of releasing those things that you no longer need. Your heart is the experience of a natural rhythm and harmony.
Your ankles give you the experience of flexible movement and agility, and so on, and so forth.

As such – every part of your anatomy is not only an experience of life but at the same time, the representation of how you are experiencing life in that particular area. Meaning if you are struggling in a particular are of life, that struggle is reflected in that part of your body.
  • Don’ t like what you see or avoiding looking at an area of your life – expect cataracts or conjunctivitis
  • Are you carrying everyone else’s responsibilities around – expect tight neck and shoulders and eventually spinal degradation
  • Have financial worries – expect lower back pain, lower spine is about basic support etc etc
  • Hate yourself? do you emotionally beat yourself up? – expect severe headaches / migraines
So, each aspect of our anatomy is a messenger for you to pay attention to. The blockages in your body show where you are blocked in life.
The more in sync you are with Mind Body and Soul the healthier you become! (The same applies to your baby. See them as part of your body).

Another way to understand the Mind Body and Soul connection is similar to the sun being eclipsed by the moon. Some of your thoughts and perspectives block your Higher Self from shining through. Your body becomes like the Earth that is eclipsed by the moon from the sun’s life-giving energy. Imagine what would happen if the Earth was eclipsed for prolonged periods of time. It would slowly die. As do we, if our thoughts of doubt and fear prevent our Higher Self from shining through keeping the body alive and youthful.

Aging comes from sustaining long periods of disconnection from your soul / Higher Self.
Strengthening the mind body connection rejuvenates the body, and guess how we do that? From heightening our intuition.

So What is Intuition?

You’ve probably guessed what intuition is by now.
Intuition are the messages from your Higher Self!
Hand up who has ever woken up at 3am by a brilliant idea or solution?
It’s because your mind was still enough to hear your Higher Self.

It’s our job to heighten our intuition to perceive our Higher Self over the chatter of our busy mind. In turn your busy thoughts slow down making tuning-in much easier.
But with this ability to hear these messages comes more!
The intuitive part of our brain, or what we call a whole brain state of awareness (when both hemispheres of your brain unite) affords you a 6th sense. Our 5 physical senses perceive physical reality, where as our 6th sense, our intuition perceives non physical reality, such as THOUGHTS.

Thereby, giving us an ability to derive information from other sources, as well as your Higher Self, {such as the Higher Self of your baby, your children, your partners, or even your business}

Hands up if you’ve had the experience of attending a concert or sporting event and you’ve literally experienced other people’s excited energy wash over you?
Hands up if you’ve ever had a thought of someone pop in, just prior to them giving you a phone call?

These are just small examples of the phenomenon we called Ui – or Accessing Universal Intelligence.

Our brains can actually switch like a radio and ‘tune –into’ a whole array of frequencies.
Get connected! Up grade your brain to perceive Universal Intelligence!

With many thanks to UI Group