March 08, 2012

Updated: George Harrison - My Favourite Beatle - "My Sweet Lord" Live


George Harrison deserves a post all to himself! 

Gone, but always remembered.

George Harrison was not my favourite Beatle for nothing. There was something about him.
I cannot quite put my finger on it right now but maybe one day,,,,

He was anything but the ‘quiet Beatle’.

I think the media would like us to believe that George and Ringo were on the ‘outer’ and perhaps they were. 
However, never underestimate anyone! 

You possibly don’t know what they are thinking and you don’t know what their potential is.
George Harrison is/was a legend. To me he “is”!

There is quite a bit of information about George Harrison here.

I highly recommend this movie if you have not already seen it.

Trailer for Martin Scorsese's GEORGE HARRISON: Living In The Material World.


Clip above from The Concert For George. 
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Rita Hayworth - The Dancing Queen



Although I have said before that I love the historical movie genre, here and here,
I also really enjoy old movies, especially musicals. 
 You can’t help but feel some exhilaration watching people dance and sing so skilfully. 

One of the best is “Singin’ in the Rain” – a perennial favourite of mine, and another is “Kiss Me, Kate”. 

To say my taste in music is wide and varied is putting it mildly. 

I have also done a post on Cole Porter as I love his music too.

It is quite obvious that music plays a very important part in ALL movies – any genre you care to name and I won’t even go there now.
No wonder there is an academy award for music scores!
Today my friend Edith sent me a rather interesting clip.

 This features Rita Hayworth, one of the old Hollywood legends who simply don’t exist these days, in my opinion.

 It’s a great combination of modern music and the dancing of several Hollywood legends, especially Rita Hayworth.

Whoever put it together – well done!

Thanks to Edith and Paula for sending me this.