April 10, 2013

Jon English - King of the Blind & Ask No Questions - Updated



"King of the Blind" appeared on the Scandinavian version of Calm Before The Storm, more information here.

Fans will also recognise the melody from “Paris”.

Of course “Six Ribbons” is still my favourite song.
But I also like all the other ones I have posted.

I find the lyrics intriguing and I think people can draw their own conclusions as to what they mean.
Needless to say I like it a LOT!

Lyrics - last line:

"I'd rather die a slave with my dignity than be a King of the Blind".

How true!


I have added another hard-to-find song which I acquired some time ago.                                                                                   



Some pictures of Jon English's singles covers.


This picture from my collection - Woman's Day 1978.

The caption reads:

Jon English: Moodily mysterious with the most hypnotising, bewitching eyes in Australian show business. Jon projects a brute force that makes women weak at the knees. The energy that comes over when he performs - and even from photographs - is dynamic. What it really boils down to is sultry animal magnetism.No woman can resist it.

Hard to disagree!





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