June 22, 2013

Jon English & The Foster Brothers - 30th Anniversary "Beating The Boards" Concert: 2012 - 13. With Peter Cupples "Uncorked" At Sorrento Speigel Zelt 2015

“In a special event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Beating the Boards – a live double album recorded with the Foster Brothers – Jon English is hitting the road for a series of concerts with the original line up of the band (Peter Deacon, John Dallimore, John ‘Chief’ Coker, Keith ‘Stretch’ Kerwin, and Greg Henson)."

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 Rembrandt's - circa 1990's



Hamilton Island - circa mid 1980's


"Beating The Boards"


"Some People"


Having seen Jon English and The Foster Brothers several times in the past – never enough though-  it was quite amazing to see them all again. 

Whilst some other bands have been together intact for decades, like The Rolling Stones for example, fans just keep on going to their gigs whenever they can.

This was a little different.
They had not played together for quite some time. Other things happened in between  from when they stopped and when this event came into being.

Thirty years since the first time – quite extraordinary!

As a very long-time fan I have listened to “Beating the Boards” countless times and I can easily say the band sounded as sharp as ever, maybe even better! Jon was terrific!

I thought they all were quite outstanding and particularly enjoyed the solos, as well as a few of the songs from the rock opera, Paris.

I think everyone at the Corner Hotel did too – both the older and younger fans.

It was a nice, intimate venue and we managed to sit in the front and also met up with some other very dedicated fans. 

I am really glad we went and I even managed to get a couple more autographs from Jon and speak to him after the show. Loved that  part!



Here's a little highlight of the evening - songs from "Paris":
Jon doing what he does so well!                                                                      

Above: Greg Henson's amazing drum solo.                                                                         

Keith Kerwin and John Dallimore - also above.
The curtain call: Jon, The Foster Brothers and the Racz Sisters who were excellent!
Many thanks to George for most of the pictures.

If you cannot watch the videos try this or the Firefox add-on top left if you are a Firefox user.

This clip from the Mulwala Ski Club.

These from Mulwala and Corowa. We met up with some other fans and had a great time!
Thanks to Terry for suggesting this trip. It was a nice little escape, and now back to the real world:(




Here are some more great pix of Jon and the Foster Brothers and one of the Racz Sisters.

I don't know where these were taken but many thanks to Garry for sending them to me.







March 7th, 2015: Jon English and Peter Cupples at the Speilgel Zelt in Sorrento.

"Carmilla" and "Honky Tonk Women". 
You can  download the audio from here. 

Below: Jon singing "Carmilla" on "Countdown" - a while ago!.





Below: Jon and Peter Cupples. Picture Credit - Adelaide Fringe


This post is for Marina who couldn't be there.

There are several other songs by Jon English on my blog - use the search function, or check my You Tube channel.Here's a summary:


This picture from a poster I bought after the show at Mulwala.
Thanks to GR for the photos.