October 14, 2013

Snow Leopard and Cubs at Magdeburg Zoo



How cute are these Snow Leopard cubs? 
Then again most baby animals are, but all big cats are particular favourites of mine!

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There's nothing better than watching newborn animals curiously explore the world around them. How can your eyes not be glued to all the digging, pouncing, sniffing, falling, and those wide eyes that are too big for their heads.
 So you can only imagine what it was like when we made friends with a few baby snow leopards in Germany—they were like kittens on special steroids that multiply cuddleability by a factor of 10. 

The pudgy furballs love nothing more than to go on mini adventures in their playground at Magdeburg Zoo, and not even their mother was able to curb their curious mischievousness. We saw them nudge around a soccer ball, dip their huge, snowshoe-like paws into bowls of water, and tinkle on the clinic floor (somehow even that was cute). 
To top it off they are the official symbol of the Girl Scout Association of Kyrgyzstan. We bet they really like their cookies!

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