August 06, 2014

Jon English - Some Hard To Get Songs,,,Now Here



Some of these songs I have uploaded to my You Tube channel,  but not all of them.

Several people have asked me where they can get them.

Here is a collection of some hard-to-get songs which I have accumulated over the years. Some are "B" sides and therefore lesser known, but still really great songs.


They are available for downloading at this link. 
Download them all, or take your pick.

The list includes:

A Fortunate Life
Show No Weakness
Ask No Questions
Concert of The Decade Medley - Live
Behind Blue Eyes - Live
The Leader - from the original "Dark Horses" vinyl LP
Carmilla - Alternate Version
Up To No Good
King Of The Blind
Lay It All Down - Live.
Old Friends Like Me
The Best Of Me - with Marcia Hines. Many thanks to Terry for this one☺

Above - Video clip of Jon singing “Heaven On Their Minds” live on “The Graham Kennedy Show”.  
You can download the audio from here.

Jon is also on this album - "Going Home". 
Many thanks to Terry for making me aware of it.


"The Scorn Of The Women" from "Going Home" is here

I have uploaded this entire star-studded album which is also hard to get.

Details from the cover notes are here.





Enjoy them as much as I have!





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