October 03, 2015

Butterflies Drink the Tears of Turtles And Other Reptiles


Sodium-junkie butterflies, who apparently need the mineral for reproduction among other things, have taken to drinking the tears of yellow-spotted river turtles.
Salt is a rare commodity in the western Amazon rainforest, and some species have developed pretty unique ways of getting it.

As they are carnivores, the turtles typically get an ample dose as meat is naturally loaded with salt.

Butterflies, however, are clearly not equipped to chow down on a mammal, dead or alive, big or small.

Considering that their other sodium-rich options include animal urine, human sweat, and muddy riverbanks, tears probably sound pretty good.

The turtles don't seem too bothered by the butterflies, but bees, which also like the salty tears, are a different story entirely. Experts say it's probably because of the buzzing.

Nice, quiet butterflies, however, aren't known to cause any discomfort to the yellow-spotteds.

Plus, turtles have plenty to go around, especially since the butterflies take so little.

From a risk standpoint, the sheer spectacle of that many brightly colored, quickly-moving objects surrounding the otherwise subdued and slow creatures makes them stand out a bit more to predators.


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