December 06, 2015

Pre-Fab Hobbit Houses You Can Actually Live In


A long time ago, a friend gave me The Hobbit as a Christmas present (he even wrote a message in Elvish in the front. Rad, right?), and I LOVED it. Particularly the parts that happened in Bilbo's Hobbit hole. It sounded so cozy and comfortable and full of delicious treats. 


My point here is that someone (who obviously loved the book even more than I did) has created pre-fab Hobbit holes that you can actually buy. And live in. I KNOW.

The company, called Green Magic Homes, has created prefabricated modular micro-houses designed specifically to exist under a layer of soil and turf. In other words, just like Hobbit-Holes. 

The structure features perforated flaps so the components can be screwed and sealed. The company website claims three people can assemble the structure in three days, with no special skills or heavy equipment.

So if you can handle a screwdriver, and have two friends, you can probably build one. Just sayin'.

Because the design is so simple, yet modular, the home can be adapted to any type of topography (mountains, beach, city--you name it) and customized to fit individual needs. Many people start out with one 400 square foot model, then add others on to expand their space as needed.

And if you think the outside looks rad, just wait until you see the cozy interior.


Yeahhhh. I'm pretty sure ol' Bilbo would feel right at home in there. 

Learn more at Green Magic Homes.

By Beth Buczynski 

Source: Via Stumbleupon


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