June 14, 2016

Amazing Animal Body Art


These done by Italian artist Johannes Stoetter who creates creatures using painted human bodies. His art truly comes to life.     


Many people feel an especially close connection with our animal brethren, which is probably a big part of why we find animal body art like this so appealing – these models, and the artists who paint on them, create a figurative - See more at:


1 - Gesine Marwedel
2- Johannes Stoetter
3- unknown
4 Emma Fay
5 Guido Daniele
6 Gesine Marwedel
7 Gesine Marwedel
8 Guido Daniele
9 Johannes Stoetter
10 Wiser Oner
11 Gesine Marwedel
12 Craig Tracy
13- Gesine Marwedel

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