November 24, 2016

Watch: First Ever 360 Video of Earth From ISS


In a new episode of RT’s ground-breaking 360° video documentary from the International Space Station, cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko demonstrates the first-ever panoramic view of Earth from the Cupola module which is attached on the Earth-facing side of the ISS.

The Cupola module was completed in 2010. From here the crew can best operate the robotic arm that is visible directly from it, together with the Russian segment of the station [often with a Soyuz craft attached] and the US and Japanese labs.

The view from the Cupola leaves the astronauts totally spellbound, as Borisenko said that once he is in the Cupola, he keeps staring back at Earth, marveling at the view.

He recently arrived at the station for his second six-month shift. “Though actually, there isn’t really that much free time here,” the astronaut added.

In the video, the astronaut shows the audience the inside of Cupola and the windows which show the magnificent view of Earth to the astronauts.

RT will be regularly uploading videos from the show with Andrey Borisenko as host and tour guide.

The special project Space 360 is available in six languages [Russian, English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic] as well as on a special RT360 mobile app.

With many thanks to Sputnik News