August 02, 2013

Grandma's Incredible Photo Restoration - Another Achievement in Technology



Surfing the ‘net can get you to all kinds of places. Good, bad and everything in between.

This story was of particular interest to me  not only because it shows yet more advances in technology, but more importantly the selflessness of someone who decided to help out another person in need, and a total stranger at that. I haven't quite gotten to this level of editing pictures and there is a lot to be learned by watching this clip and many others like it.

I can only imagine how appreciative Keitha McCall was, probably more than her thank-you note suggests.
I have to admit I don't go to Reddit but luckily Keitha McCall does.

WHO says the internet can't be a source of good? 
A Reddit user has come to the rescue of a stranger by restoring a damaged black-and-white photo of her grandmother.

Last week Keitha McCall posted a photo of her grandmother, writing: "My grandmother is an awesome lady. Please help fix this picture of her!".

User 'thehatersalad' replied almost immediately, and posted a video capturing the entire process.

The remarkable transformation shows how the image was restored and given colour, to the point it almost looks like it could have been taken today (perhaps with some kind of artsy Instagram filter laid on top of it).

McCall replied to 'thehatersalad' by saying: "I don't know what kind of emotion you hope to elicit with these, but you made me catch my breath."

"I feel - for the first time - like I got to see her, back in time. This is so, so beautiful. Thank you so much!"

Watch the video above and remember what an amazing place the internet can be.
With many thanks to The Telegraph

You Tube clip posted by TheHatersalad
Song is Phoenix - Trying 2B Cool (A-Trak Remix)

Please keep in mind that this was a free request I did for practice and to test time-lapsing.

The photos ( a good colorization I did)