August 13, 2013

Sir Paul McCartney Gaining Back Rights To His Music in 2018, 2019?


This is interesting. I wonder how this will impact on other musicians/singers who perform his songs, and also how it will impact You Tube users if they have ever uploaded any of Sir Paul’s songs like I have.

Still, the article says ‘could’ and it’s a few years off. Intellectual property issues are already a legal nightmare and who knows what formats for music will be around then? 
I think it will probably all be digital in the future.

I can see his point, however. It would be annoying to have to pay to sing your own song!

Former Beatle Paul McCartney could reclaim the copyrights to a cache of his most famous tunes, but he’ll have to wait five years to do so.

Copyright laws allow songwriters to regain control of their pre-1978 compositions after 56 years. That means McCartney could control his Beatles songbook from 1962 (like “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You”) in 2018 and an even bigger cache of tunes released in 1963, (“I Saw Her Standing There,” “Please Please Me,” and “Do You Want to Know a Secret’” among them) in 2019, reported.

McCartney will be 76 in 2018.

The Beatles broke up in 1970. Michael Jackson and Sony/ATV Music Publishing later bought up a huge chunk of the group’s music.

McCartney is worth nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. He recently re-recorded “Mother Nature’s Son,” which was released on the White Album in 1968.

The Beatles evolved from John Lennon’s group, the Quarrymen, and came together in Liverpool, England, in 1960.

They are considered by many to be among the greatest and most influential rock bands ever. By 1964 they became international stars who were at the forefront of what was known as the British Invasion, which included the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and The Who.

The Recording Industry Association of America reports The Beatles sold 177 million “units” in the United States and more than 1 billion worldwide, making them the best-selling band in history.
McCartney told the British website Uncut that he’ll be happy to get what should rightfully be his.

“You know what doesn’t feel very good is going on tour and paying to sing all my songs. Every time I sing ‘Hey Jude’ I’ve got to pay someone,” he said.

With many thanks to NewsMax for the story and picture.




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