July 01, 2014

Dolly Parton At Glastonbury


It certainly doesn't look like she was miming going by the video clip!

Country singer Dolly Parton has denied miming at Glastonbury.

The 68-year-old singer - who made her festival debut on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday night - has been forced to defend herself over claims she failed to sing live during the set.

A spokesperson for Dolly told The Sunday Mirror: ‘She sings live. Some people don't know an amazing singer when they hear one.’

The 9 To 5 hitmaker's vocals became the subject of debate following her performance of her hits including Islands in the Stream, Baby I'm Burning and Jolene prompting actor Stephen Fry to speak out in her defence.

The 56-year-old wrote on Twitter: ‘I think I know quite a lot about how TV is made. Why are people saying @DollyParton is miming? She's fooling me.’

He added:  ‘Believe me, that is not miming. If it appears not always to lip-sync that's an HD live processor issue. You see it with news reporters.’

Dolly's performance was one of the most anticipated performances from the festival and not surprisingly she commanded a huge turn-out as she took to the Pyramid Stage.

'I've been waitin' a long time for this,' an overwhelmed Dolly said to the adoring 100,000 punters in the crowd. 'I'm so glad you came. I can't do a bunch of sad songs, everyone is drunk and high.'

Stepping out onto the Pyramid stage in a form-fitting sparkly white suit with intricate rhinestone beading and a low-cut shirt, Dolly's trim figure was on full show while she strummed along on a sequined guitar that matched her outfit.

She said: 'I always like to dress in white and why a little mud will look just fine.'

Her white blonde hair was blow-dried with serious volume and the star opted for dramatic stage make-up. 'I'm just glad you came to see me,' a grateful Dolly said during her set.

She sung for around 70 minutes and belted out fan favourites like Jolene,  9 to 5, I Will Always Love You and Islands in the Stream. The bubbly star also performed the title track from her new album Blue Smoke.

Despite her long career, this was Dolly's first time performing at Glastonbury and she even penned a new song about the mud especially for it.
The tongue-in-cheek tune, that she wrote on the day of her performance, contained hilarious lyrics like: 'Mud, mud, mud, mud. Up to our bums in all this crud.'

She told fans: 'I grew up in mud. My daddy was a farmer, I grew up in East Tennessee and we made our living on a farm, so I thought, "Well this isn't all that different". Mud is mud, wherever you are.'

The popular muso then briefly dashed off the stage and returned with Bon Jovi's guitarist Richie Sambora for a duet of Lay Your Hands On Me.'

Dolly finished off her set by thanking the audience for their continuous support over the years and then bowed out with an emotional rendition of I Will Always Love You.

Earlier in the day the talented singer was presented with a surprise award by broadcaster Lauren Laverne and festival organiser Michael Eavis for having sold over 100 million records worldwide, with the pair joking the enormous framed picture was bigger than her.

'I've been so busy making records for the past several decades, I didn't realise I had racked up so many sales. What a great honour to know that I have so many fans that have supported me through the years,' Dolly said at the ceremony.

'Thanks to the RIAA [Recording Industry Association of America] for the acknowledgment and the plaque. I feel very honoured and proud,' she added.

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Dolly for comment.

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From The Australian:

THEY were so desperate to hear her, they packed into pathways and corners where they couldn’t even see her. And the vast crowd in Glastonbury loved every minute. 
Dolly Parton yesterday drew one of the biggest ever crowds to the Pyramid Stage. Organisers suggested she may have exceeded the 100,000 people who watched the Rolling Stones last year.

Dressed in a dazzling white two-piece studded with rhinestones and propped up on high heels, she led a mass singalong of her greatest hits on the final day of the Glastonbury Festival.

Looking out over a display of homemade flags proclaiming “love Dolly” and “Dolly take me to your bosom”, the 68-year-old said it was an “honour and such a thrill” to be at the festival, adding: “I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this.”

She launched into hits including Jolene, 9 to 5 and Here You Come Again as the raucous crowd cheered, interspersing the songs with tales of her impoverished upbringing in Tennessee.

The star’s storming performance came as the festival’s founder Michael Eavis suggested that the festival at Worthy Farm could end in 2020 despite overwhelming demand for tickets. Asked about the festival’s future, he said: “We’ve got a few more years. Myself, I think I can run another six years, which would take me up to about 50 years, then see what happens after that.”

For some middle-aged male fans, Dolly Parton’s appearance in the “legends” slot brought an opportunity to don large blonde wigs, plaid shirts and enhanced plastic chests.

Brian Purves, 45, a partner at the accountancy firm PwC, had made his way to the front with two similarly attired friends.

Leading an enthusiastic demonstration of their Jolene dance shortly before the live version, he said: “As soon as she was announced we thought it had to be done.” His friend Phil Jan, 37, an accountant, said: “She’s a legend. Nothing can dampen the mood when Dolly is on.”

Earlier, Eavis said he couldn’t wait to see Parton perform. “I’m really looking forward to hearing some of her songs live for the first time in my life,” he said.

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