September 02, 2014

Ancient Tomb in Amphipolis Revealed - Updated


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In ancient Amphipolis in central Macedonia, archaeologists have been excavating a huge burial complex that dates back to the 4th century B.C., during the the era of Alexander the Great. The excavators don't know what they'll find inside but they recently revealed the sphinx-guarded entrance to the tomb. 

From You Tube:
Greek PM Samaras visits the Kasta Tumulus on August 12, 2014
Tomb of Amphipolis (presentation website & Facebook page - "Like" it!): &
City of Amphipolis:
Dinocrates the Architect:

1. A surrounding wall of 497 m, unique among Macedonian tombs.
2. Two statues of Sphinxes on either side of the door, which was served by a large (4.5 m wide) road.
3. The "Lion of Amphipolis", of a height of 5.25 m itself, is now, apparently, definitely attributed (by the architect Mr. Lefantzis) to this monument, its original position being at the summit of the tumulus.
4. According to Mrs. Ekaterini Peristeri, the Ephorate director and current chief excavator of the site, the monument "bears the signature of the famous architect and friend of Alexander, Dinocrates".
5. Mrs. Peristeri dates the monument to "the last quarter of the 4th century", i.e. 325-300.
6. The marble used for the surrounding wall comes from the neighboring island of Thasos, specifically the quarry of Alyki. This means that the large blocks were transported by sea, an expensive and difficult operation.

Note: The archaeological excavations at the Kasta tumulus were carried out by Mr. Dimitris Lazaridis between 1965-1985 and restarted in 2009.




Picture credit: Science Alert 

Female Stone Statues Revealed in Ancient Greek Tomb

Why Was the Tomb at Amphipolis Built?

Archaeologist Katerina Peristeri claimed in a press conference yesterday that the vaulted tomb excavated last year in Amphipolis “was a funerary monument for Hephaestion,” Alexander the Great’s closest friend and general. At least five skeletons were found in the tomb, which featured twin statues of sphinxes and young women, a painted frieze, and a mosaic floor. Peristeri said that fragments of Hephaestion’s monogram have also been found inscribed in the tomb.

 According to a report by the Associated Press, Peristeri explained that there is no evidence that Hephaestion was buried at the site, but that it might be one of a series of monuments Alexander erected to his memory in 324 B.C. Panayiotis Faklaris of the University of Thessaloniki disagrees. “There is no historic or scientific basis,” for the claims he said. “Hephaestion had no connection with Amphipolis.” To read more about the Amphipolis tomb, one of last year's Top 10 Discoveries, go to "Greece's Biggest Tomb.

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