October 04, 2014

Robyn Gibb's Solo Album Now Relased


LEGENDARY Bee Gee Robin Gibb had been working on a solo album for a number of years before his death in 2012. 
His legacy in one of the most successful pop bands in history is well known, but the release of that solo album, 50 St Catherine’s Drive, today adds another dimension to the singer’s musical craft.

The songs on 50 St Catherine’s Drive, the title named after the house in Douglas, Isle of Man, where Gibb was born 64 years ago, were recorded mainly between 2006 and 2008.

They include reflective, autobiographical songs such as Anniversary, Alan Freeman Days and the closing track Sydney, which is the last song Gibb recorded. That song looks back to the time he and his brothers Maurice and Barry were just embarking on their remarkable career in Australia as the Bee Gees.

The album is a revealing confirmation of Gibb’s talent as a songwriter and as a singer.


By Iain Sheddon



With thanks to The Australian

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