October 04, 2014

The Splendid and Spacey World of Star Wars Posters


There are art books that are full of history, pages crammed full of minutia and biography to give you as much context as possible. And then there are the art books that are full of sumptuous, jaw-dropping visuals. After all, these books imagine, you already know the background—why not dispense with the niceties and get on with the art?

We’ll give you one guess which one Star Wars Posters is.

The book, out Oct. 14 on Abrams, is a feast for the senses. (OK, maybe just one sense.) Its 120 four-color illustrations range from A New Hope pre-release concept posters to promotional artwork for the new Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels, and everything in between.

The fundamentals are there, thankfully; all six of Drew Struzan’s official studio posters appear, alongside the work of fellow poster-art titans like Tom Jung and John Alvin. But it’s not all so narrowly conventional: there are Mondo prints and videogame covers, cartoon posters and independent one-offs, Japanese one-sheets and German promotionals. It’s just about every Star Wars-related poster you can imagine—which means a lot more than there were in 1985, when Killian’s famed “poster of posters” came out.

Talking about it, of course, isn’t as much fun as looking at it. So while there are still two weeks until the book comes out—and nearly as long until Star Wars Reads Day on Oct. 11—we thought we’d give you a sneak peek now. Say goodbye to your morning.

By Peter Rubin


Pictures and Story with thanks to Wired

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