January 04, 2015

Symbolic Tomb of Egyptian God Osiris Found


THE ‘tomb’ of Osiris, Egypt’s supreme deity has been discovered in the necropolis at Thebes, complete with multiple shafts and chambers. 
Inside the blackened ‘tomb’ archaeologists found a carving of Osiris, the god of the Afterlife, and a wall relief with an illustration of a demon holding knives.
Osiris, who was also associated with nature’s life cycles in ancient Egypt, was classically depicted as a green-skinned man with a Pharaoh’s beard, wearing a crown with a large ostrich feather at either side.


The tomb, a symbolic burial site used in rituals to link the god’s immortal powers to those of the Pharaohs, dates back to 760 — 656BC, believe Dr. María Milagros Álvarez Sosa and Dr. Abd el Hakim Carrar who led the ‘Min project’ team which discovered the tomb.

The 25th Dynasty structure at the Al-Gorna necropolis on Luxor’s west bank was modelled on a mythical tomb of Osiris, with multiple shafts and chambers. according to Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-DamAcaty.

Its main feature is a large hall supported by five pillars, from where a staircase leads down to a funerary complex dedicated to Osiris. A statue of the god, also known as the God of the Living, is placed in a chapel and surrounded by a corridor, to isolate and protect the most important part of the complex, according to the Luxor Times.


With thanks to The Australian

Top picture: 
An image of Osiris from Egypt’s ‘Book of the Dead’ shows him as a green skinned man with a Pharaoh’s beard.

Second picture:Inside a chamber of the ‘tomb of Osiris’.

Third picture:
A relief shows Pharaoh Ramses worshipping Osiris
Bottom picture:
Plan of the Tomb of Osiris drawn by Raffaella Carrera, of the Min Project 

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