May 17, 2015

The Lily Camera



Lily is the world's first throw-and-shoot camera.

 It lets anyone create cinematic footage previously reserved for professional filmmakers. Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos.

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 Lily Isn’t a Drone — It’s A GoPro That Follows You Around

Lily is a brand-new drone coming to market that makes drone photography easier than anything else out there.That’s because the drone is made to follow around its user completely automatically — no controller necessary — tracking a GPS wristband and following commands issued from a smartphone app.

The drone takes off and lands right in the palm of your hand.
The camera is built right into the drone, and shoots video at up to 1080p.

It can follow directly behind you, from a fixed point, or travel along a fixed flight path.It’s waterproof, small enough to fit in a backpack, and weighs just under three pounds.
The tracker, which fits on your wrist, contains an accelerometer and an audio recorder.

That way, Lily can tell when your trajectory changes — like when you go off a jump while skiing or snowboarding — and knows to take quick snapshots while you’re in the air. It records all the audio from your wrist and adds it to the video automatically, pairing the bird’s-eye view with what you hear on the ground.