August 11, 2015

Queen Nefertiti: Was She Hidden In King Tutankhamun’s Tomb?


Almost a century after Howard Carter swept away three millennia of dust and rubble to open the tomb of King Tutankhamun, you might think it would have yielded up all its mysteries. 
You would be very wrong, according to a new theory advanced by a leading expert on ancient Egypt.

Nicholas Reeves, an English archaeologist at the University of Arizona, claims to have found a bricked-up and hitherto unnoticed portal leading out of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.
Behind it, he suggests, is the holy grail of Egyptology: the lost grave of Nefertiti, the powerful and notoriously beautiful “Lady of the Two Lands” who may have been the boy-king’s mother and ruled alongside him.


Poring over high-resolution digital scans of the walls of Tutankhamun’s grave complex in the Valley of the Kings, Dr Reeves spotted what he believes to be the “ghosts” of two doorways that had been blocked up by the tomb builders.

One of these is thought to lead into a cramped store room. If Dr Reeves’s hunch about the other portal is right, however, he has hit upon one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries in decades.

Set on the north side of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the room contains nothing less than “the undisturbed burial of the tomb’s original owner — Nefertiti”, Dr Reeves argues in a monograph.


“The implications are extraordinary,” he wrote. “If digital appearance translates into physical reality, it seems we are now faced not merely with the prospect of a new, Tutankhamun-era store room to the west; to the north appears to be signalled a continuation of tomb KV62, and within these uncharted depths an earlier royal interment — that of Nefertiti herself, celebrated consort, co-regent, and eventual successor of pharaoh Akhenaten.”


Experts have long been puzzled by the modest size of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, which has about the same dimensions as an antechamber. Dr Reeves said that the discovery of a hidden door suggested that the pharaoh’s room was merely an afterthought, the outer section of a “corridor-style tomb-within-a-tomb”.

By Oliver Moody

With many thanks to The Australian 

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