September 10, 2015

‘Fascination’: Graff’s $40 Million Diamond Transformable Watch


If you are looking for something which can simply define elegance and style, then do not miss out on Graff’s one-of-a-kind bracelet-cum-watch. This prized possession ‘Fascination’ is encrusted with astonishing 152.96 carats of Graff’s finest white diamonds. 

The British Jewellery brand Graff has always been on the forefront launching exquisite and elaborate pieces.And this specific piece designed by Graff is one of the most expensive timepiece till now. The watch is unveiled at the biggest annual watch trade show in Basel, Switzerland.

Now if you are wondering how come a bracelet be turned into a watch and then into a ring. Then keep reading as the meticulous craftsmanship used in this piece is outstanding and phenomenal. The pear shaped diamond in the centre weighs 38.13-carat and this piece of diamond can be removed from the bracelet and fitted into a bespoke ring structure.

So if you don’t want to wear a bracelet then you can opt to wear it as a ring. If these two options are not enough for you then you can remove the diamond all together and wear it as a watch, making the ‘Fascination’ one of the most expensive three-in-one jewels ever created, with a value of around $40 million (£27.3 million).The bracelet holding the watch in its centre is a masterpiece of metallurgy and gem setting.

By Avinder Vij

With many thanks to Billionaires NewsWire 

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