January 14, 2016

Televison 2016: Some Shows We Can Expect To See

The clip above concerns the 'most anticipated' shows we can expect to see.

Of course this is someone else's list and it may or may not be the best of what is coming since our tastes in entertainment vary so much for a variety of reasons.

A few have captured my attention. These include "Billions" with Paul Giamatti (John Adams) and Damien Lewis, ("Wolf Hall" and "Homeland"). 


"Vinyl" looks interesting also.

It stars Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond", "Ice Age") and it boasts as producers and executive producers - Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese. More here.
And here.



War and Peace.
A British miniseries adaptation of Tolstoy's novel which stars Lily Rose (Downton Abbey, Cinderella),Paul Dano (Love And Mercy) as well as Jim Broadbent, Greta Scacchi and Gillian Anderson.
More details here. 

See also this piece with a guide to the characters.
I notice that Tom Burke of The Musketeers is also in it.


Jim Broadbent, Gillian Anderson, Greta Scacchi, Stephen Rea, Ken Stott and Ade Edmondson. - See more at: http://decidertv.com/page/2016/1/4/airdate-war-and-peace-foxtel-bbcfirstaus#sthash.0EKa3bG8.dpuf

Starring Paul Dano (Love and Mercy), Lily James (Cinderella, Downton Abbey) and James Norton (Happy Valley) - See more at: http://decidertv.com/page/2016/1/4/airdate-war-and-peace-foxtel-bbcfirstaus#sthash.0EKa3bG8.dpuf
Starring Paul Dano (Love and Mercy), Lily James (Cinderella, Downton Abbey) and James Norton (Happy Valley) - See more at: http://decidertv.com/page/2016/1/4/airdate-war-and-peace-foxtel-bbcfirstaus#sthash.0EKa3bG8.dpuf
Starring Paul Dano (Love and Mercy), Lily James (Cinderella, Downton Abbey) and James Norton (Happy Valley) - See more at: http://decidertv.com/page/2016/1/4/airdate-war-and-peace-foxtel-bbcfirstaus#sthash.0EKa3bG8.dpuf


I am also looking forward to new seasons of old favourites and there are a few which may or may not return.I hope the producers will reconsider further episodes.

My list includes the following:

An excellent series about the music industry in Nashville and beyond: great performances and a terrific soundtrack.
Thanks to my friend Annie for telling me to watch it.

A mixture of history, fantasy and time-travel. Fabulous locations and great performances.


Call The Midwife. 
Set in post-war Britain when times were tough in a working-class town, and a baby boom was in progress, this shows details the work of the nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House. 

Even the sadder episodes are very heart-warming.

Were we more empathetic back then? 

Thanks to Jessica for suggesting I watch this!                                                  

House of Cards.
Kevin Spacey is terrific as President Francis Underwood as is Robin Wright as the First Lady.
The device of having him talk to the camera works very well.

The scary part is wondering exactly how much of it is based on reality.

It is a remake of an earlier British series of the same name which was made in 1990 and I missed it back then.
His initials are appropriate!

A 21st century remake of "Prisoner"/"Cell Block H" which is proving to be just as popular as the original which I am still watching on cable.

It appears to be more realistic and more violent, and hats off to the actors in it for giving such convincing performances.    


The Affair.
That is exactly what it is about - a summer affair between two married people and the effect on their families. It is interesting how each episode shows the events from the perspectives of the different characters which is sometimes confusing as they are never the same.

I have one complaint: The opening title sequence uses the worst music I have ever heard.

Mr Robot.
I was torn about watching this as it seemed unusual from the trailer but am glad I did.

Like "House of Cards" one wonders how much truth there is in it. I am guessing quite a lot!

It won two Golden Globe awards: one for Christian Slater as Best Supporting Actor, and another for Best Drama Series. More here, and spoiler alert.

Rami Malek, an Egyptian-American actor has won an Emmy for his role in 'Mr Robot' 2016. 

Series 2. Source.


This has been a favourite for quite a while.
It showcases the talents of Claire Danes and the rest of the cast which includes Damien Lewis in earlier seasons, Mandy Patinkin, F. Murray Abraham and Rupert Friend.

Again, how much is actually based on real events? 
It's getting to look like life is imitating art.


Enjoyed "The Night Manager" and now "Jericho"and "Happy Valley:



Some other shows I would like to see more of but have no idea as yet if they will return:

The Musketeers.
Yes, new and final series in August 2016!
See this post.

Texas Rising.

See this post.Bill Paxton was great as Sam Houston

The Crimson Field.
A series about volunteer nurses during World War 1 at a field hospital in Northern France.

It stars Oona Chaplin who also appeared in "Quantum of Solace" and is the grand daughter of Charles and Oona Chaplin.

It seemed to stop in the middle of the series, unfortunately.

The Village.
In a way this is similar to Downton Abbey as it shows both the villagers and the local aristocracy.It is set just before and after World War 1. More here.
The Bletchley Circle.
What do you do after World War 2 when you and your friends have worked as code-breakers at Bletchley Park along with Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine and are now relegated to being a wife or an office worker? 

You can't even tell anyone what you did during the war.You worked at Bletchley because you had exceptional abilities.

Obviously you solve crimes that are beyond the capacity of the local constabulary and Scotland Yard!

It is also an interesting perspective on the social issues women had to face during the 1950's.

And here's a list of things we definitely won't be seeing again, unless some miracle occurs:

The first settlement of the colony of NSW under the rule of Governor Arthur Phillip. 
It seems they ran out of money to make the rest of it, such a pity. More here.

Our Zoo.
This is a biopic based on the inspiring story of George Mottershead and his family in the 1930s.
With incredible single-mindedness, George Mottershead drove himself and his family to realise his ambition to transform a ramshackle house on the outskirts of Chester into a unique visitor attraction that would change forever the way zoos kept animals.

That in itself is quite an achievement! 
It is in the same league as Temple Grandin's work with how animals are treated in abattoirs.

Now known as Chester Zoo,it is one of Britain's biggest tourist attractions outside of London.
It was lovely to watch!


Downton Abbey.
An extremely popular series with a great cast including the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith.

Although fictitious, the series was written around many actual events.

Fortunately, however, there is a possibility that a full-length feature film will be made, sadly without the Dowager!  Everyone will miss her extraordinary wit!

Maggie Smith is the winner of the best drama supporting actress Emmy Award for her role on Downton Abbey 2016.It is Smith’s fourth Emmy win and her third for playing the Dowager Countess of Grantham on the series, which aired for six seasons on PBS.

The Borgias.

This is easily in my top 10 of all the miniseries I have ever watched.

A biopic with much poetic licence taken, it ticked all the boxes for me.

Jeremy Irons was fabulous in it, as were the other members of the cast. 
Since it first aired I have watched several repeat episodes. Too good to miss!
More here.

That's the TV covered, from my point of view, inasmuch as one only has so many hours in a day, and we still have new movies to look forward to.

I admit costume dramas are possibly my favourite genre. 

More 2106 Emmy winners:

1. Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Louie Anderson, Baskets.
2. Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series: Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, Master of None.
3. Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live.
4. Directing, Comedy Series: Jill Soloway, Transparent.
5. Actress, Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep.
6. Actor, Comedy Series: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent.
7. Reality-Competition Program: The Voice.
8. Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special: D.V. BeVincentis, The People v. O.J. Simpson American Crime Story.
9. Supporting Actress, Limited Series or Movie: Regina King, American Crime.
10. Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie or Drama: Susanne Bier, The Night Manager.
11. Supporting Actor, Limited Series or Movie: Sterling K. Brown, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.
12. Actress, Limited Series or Movie: Sarah Paulson, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.
13. Actor, Limited Series or Movie: Courtney B. Vance, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.
14. Television Movie: Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.
15. Limited Series: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.
16. Writing for a Variety Special: Patton Oswalt, Talking for Clapping.
17. Variety Talk Series: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
18. Directing for a Variety Special: Thomas Kail and Alex Rudzinskifor Grease Live

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