January 29, 2016

Air Bonsai Lets You Make Your Own Floating Tree


Owners are affectionate about the upkeep of their bonsai plants. After all, they require a continual source of maintenance in order for them to look their best.

However, Hoshinchu has taken their hobby for indoor gardening to the next level by introducing the Air Bonsai project on Kickstarter. This labor of love, which adds another dimension to plant care, has been met with a wealth of support already.

Each Air Bonsai is made up of two separate pieces: a levitating piece called the “little star “and an “energy base.” Both are equipped with like-charged magnets, allowing the plant container to repel upward from the base.

Visit the Air Bonsai’s Kickstarter page for more info and to pledge a donation.

By Jonathan Luk

With many thanks to Highsnobiety 

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