April 17, 2016

Rare Colour Photos Of Native Americans From The 19th And 20th Century


I have always found every aspect of Native American culture fascinating.
These pictures are incredible!

Film-maker Paul Ratner developed a passion for researching old photographs of indigenous people while making "Moses on the Mesa", a film about a German-Jewish immigrant who fell in love with a Native-American woman and became governor of her tribe of Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico in the late 1800s.

“Many of the photographs I found were colored by hand, as color film was only the domain of experimentalists until 1930s (thanks, Kodachrome!)," Ratner writes on Huffington Post. 

"Painting on black and white prints was an art in and of itself, and many of the colorized photos exhibit true talent which preserved for us the truer likeness of the people many a hundred years ago thought were vanishing. Of course, Native Americans have not vanished despite the harrowing efforts of so many. They are growing stronger as a people, but a way of life they left behind is often only found in these photos.”
More info: filmsbygiants.com | Facebook 
With many thanks for pictures and notes to Bored Panda

First picture:

Tipis Of The Headmen". Blackfeet. Montana. Early 1900s. By Walter Mcclintock

And from the top:

Eagle Arrow. A Siksika Man. Montana. Early 1900s. Glass Lantern Slide By Walter Mcclintock 

Bone Necklace. Oglala Lakota Chief. 1899. Photo By Heyn Photo 

"Ringing Bell". 1908. Minnesota. Handpainted Photo Print By Roland W. Reed 

Minnehaha. 1904 

Arrowmaker, An Ojibwe Man. 1903 

Blackfeet Girl. Montana. Early 1900s. Glass Lantern Slide By Walter Mcclintock 

Charles American Horse (the Son Of Chief American Horse). Oglala Lakota. 1901. Photo By William Herman Rau 

”In Summer”. Kiowa. 1898. Photo By F.A. Rinehart

Chief Little Wound And Family. Oglala Lakota. 1899. Photo By Heyn Photo 

Cheyenne Chief Wolf Robe. Color Halftone Reproduction Of A Painting From  F. A. Rinehart Photograph. 1898 

“Songlike”, A Pueblo Man, 1899. Photo By F.A. Rinehart

 Chief James A. Garfield. Jicarilla Apache. 1899. Photo By William Henry Jackson 

Minnehaha. 1904