December 16, 2016

Sabrina:A Sumatran/Bengal tiger,



Sabrina, a Sumatran/Bengal tiger, was born in 1998.  She was clinging to life when authorities found her and two other tigers in the backyard of a rural Texas home.  Sabrina and her two sons were left to fend for themselves after their owner passed away.  It was ten days before anyone knew the owner had passed or that three tigers were baking in the Texas heat with no food and little water.  Sabrina had somehow escaped her enclosure and authorities had to sedate her to get her into a travel trailer.

See photos from Sabrina’s rescue here.
Unfortunately, her story doesn’t end there.  Sabrina was then left in the trailer for over a week before being brought to Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Here Sabrina got some much needed food and water as she was severely dehydrated and very malnourished.  After hearing Sabrina’s triumphant story of survival, we knew we had a place for her here at the Sanctuary.

Why Wild Animals Shouldn’t Be Pets: A article mentioning Sabrina’s story.

Sabrina arrived in the spring of 2010 very frightened and confused.  She had lost the only home she knew and was very nervous around new people.  After months of working with Sabrina, she finally came out of her shell.  It was a group effort to rescue Sabrina and her two sons and we thank Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge for their immediate help in the rescue, Peace River Refuge who provided a home for Sabrina’s sons and donors who provided support so we could help Sabrina.

Today, Sabrina is a totally different cat than when she first arrived.  She chuffs to her tiger neighbors and can sleep peacefully even when strangers are around.  She enjoys getting new enrichment and likes to shred any boxes.  She really likes snowmen and even made a huge snowball herself after rolling one of the segments around her habitat.  In the summer, she soaks in her pool and takes long naps on her perch.  Her amazing transformation inspires us all and reminds us that we can make a difference.

You can help provide daily care for Sabrina by becoming her sponsor.  

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