January 02, 2014

Evidence of Diamonds in Antarctica



New evidence has been found that indicates the presence of diamonds in the permanently frozen area on the continent of Antarctica.

New evidence has been found that could indicate the presence of diamonds in the permanently frozen area on the continent of Antarctica.

Australian geologists have published a study that focuses on the discovery of kimberlite rocks that were found in the Prince Charles Mountains of Eastern Antarctica.

Although no actual diamonds were found in the course of the study, the kimberlite rocks are reportedly similar to those found in other places of the world that are rich in diamonds like Africa, Siberia and Australia.

With the exception of scientific research, mineral mining in Antarctica was forbidden by the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty in 1991, but the ban will be reviewed and could be changed in the year 2041.

According to Doctor Kevin Hughes from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research: "...Nations outside the Protocol are not bound by its provisions, including the ban on mineral resource activities. We do not know what the Treaty Parties' views will be on mining after 2041 or what technologies might exist that could make extraction of Antarctic minerals economically viable."

Diamonds form when pure carbon is exposed to extreme pressure and heat at around 150 kilometers under the surface of the Earth.

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