January 25, 2014

Great Minds: Leonardo da Vinci


The Renaissance gave us so much: Art, Architecture, Literature and even political ideas from the pen of Machiavelli, for example.

We still see the effects of all these today. Da Vinci and Michelangelo are the standout figures of this era. Much happened in the city of Florence.
Here’s more about Leonardo:

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most diversely talented individuals of all time. His "unquenchable curiosity" led him to make discoveries and inventions that were beyond his time, not to mention his numerous artistic masterpieces.

Today on SciShow, Hank takes us into the mind of this Renaissance Man and explores some of his many contributions to the world.

From You Tube.


From You Tube: Some food for thought above.

"Da Vinci's Mona Lisa holds many of his most mysterious secrets.

Besides layer upon layer of Subliminal Secrets you'll discover how Da Vinci carefully arranged the elements of Mona Lisa into differing scales of Sacred Geometric Proportion.

1:48 Subliminal Messages in the Background of the Mona Lisa
4:03 The Sacred Geometry in the Mona Lisa
6:17 The Sacred Circle in the Mona Lisa
8:33 The Vesica Piscis in the Mona Lisa

An artistic analysis of the Mona Lisa reveals many things, but is likely to miss the fact that her composition is entirely based on the most influential, generative and beautiful proportion in Sacred Geometry, the Golden Section.

Perhaps this is the ultimate secret of Mona Lisa's enduring appeal and enigmatic smile."

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