December 10, 2014

Bristol:The Birthplace Of Country Music


Mention country music recording, and many people think of Nashville. But another Tennessee town, Bristol, calls itself the Birthplace of Country Music—because the first commercially successful recordings were made there in 1927. Earlier this year, the Birthplace of Country Music Museum opened, and now descendants of country's pioneers along with a new generation of artists are trying to keep Bristol's cultural and musical heritage alive.
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More about the Carter Family here.
One of their songs, "Walk On The Sunny Side", is on the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" soundtrack, although they are not performing it and didn't write it. 

If you saw the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" you would have had a taste of music from this era.

Some of the songs in the film are performed by Tim Blake Nelson, John Turturro & George Clooney, although Dan Tyminski sings for George Clooney.

"In The Jailhouse Now" was written by Jimmie Rodgers and Blind Blake.

The soundtrack was a huge hit and won a Grammy in 2002.  Many copies were sold. I have one and have been listening to it for years. There are certainly some excellent performers that have made this album and the movie such a success. 

The songs were selected by T-Bone Burnett who has also selected the music for the television series "Nashville" as well as Buddy Miller. The music has been excellent.

More here - with many thanks to Annie.

Interestingly, one of the stars of this TV series is Clare Bowen who is Australian.

The story line of "Oh Brother..." is a take on the return voyage of Ulysses - very loosely of course! 

My favourite song from the movie is "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow".


A tribute album to Jimmie Rodgers is also in my collection, and just look at the list of performers. It was released in 1997: one hundred years after the birth of Jimmie Rodgers and apparently it was organized by Bob Dylan.


There have been other movies about Nashville.

For example, one directed by Billy Wilder - 1975.   And another, with River Phoenix, called "The Thing Called Love".

It primarily centres around events at the famous Bluebird Café, as does the TV series.

And yes - he sings in the movie!


 This song was also recorded by Patty Loveless and was written by Kostas.

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