December 01, 2014

The Bomarzo Monster Park


 From You Tube:

The park of Monsters of Bomarzo Italy was devised by the architect Pirro Ligorio (he completed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo and built Villa d'Este in Tivoli) on commision of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini (1523-1585), called Vicino, only to vent the heart broken at the death of is wife Giulia Farnese (+1560). 
(Guila Farnese was a contemporary of the Borgia Pope, Rodrigo - see this post).

The park was born in 1552 as "Villa of Wonders" to be the only one of it's kind in the world.

The Park of Monsters remained in oblivion till 1954 when it was bought by Mr Giovanni Bettini who with loving care has managed it.

A visit to the park will unfold in a series of stages ranging between mythology and fantasy.


See also the great pictures at Atlas of Wonders.

More at the official Bozmarzo site

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