December 10, 2014

Rick Nelson - Some Words of Wisdom


I have always liked Rick Nelson. The quote at the top and the pictures were sent to me.

“Garden Party” is a song I never tire of, and the meaning is one of depth, and courage on Rick’s part. 

"But it's all right now, I've learned my lesson well
You see, you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself."
How many times do we let people dictate to us what we think of ourselves? 

This can’t be good, no matter who these people are – including all those celebrities who gave Rick such a hard time when he performed at Madison Square Gardens.

He wanted to change. They wanted the ‘Old Ricky’.


Obviously there were many fans who wanted to see the ‘Old Ricky’ and there still are but so many performers moved on to explore new ideas with their music.

A similar thing happened to Bob Dylan when he introduced the electric guitar to his repertoire.He got a bit of a drubbing for that but all was soon forgotten.
I supposed this is because Bob Dylan is such a legend and he could pretty much get away with anything as befits his status in our culture.

Above clip is Rick singing a Bob Dylan song and doing it really well!      

Rick did not have such an easy life. As part of the ”Nelsons” TV show he was made to conform by a controlling father and an alcoholic mother.Sadly we lost him all too early.

His music goes on.
Here is his official website.

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