July 20, 2015

All New Boombot PRO Waterproof Speakers


All the music lovers who want to take music to the next level, The Boombot PRO is designed especially for them. 

Boombot offers three variety of speakers, the Boombot PRO ,REX and MINI. These speaker are for all the music lovers who want the highest level of audio performance. The Boombot features pro-tuned dual AMP stereo acoustics, built-in  2 gigabyte flash storage, clip-on design, and the best feature about these speaker is that they are waterproof up to 3 feet , these high end speakers are capable of withstanding the most demanding elements one needs and it comes with a one year warranty.   

Another added advantage to these speakers is that they stream wirelessly with Bluetooth or abandon your phone completely by double-tapping the power button to access Chamber mode with 2GB of embedded storage.

The Boombot PRO can be paired with any Bluetooth compatible device that include smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and computers. Press the centre button for two seconds and ping Siri or Google Voice to ask for directions and much more. Play or pause music, change tracks, answer or deny a phone call, all without touching your phone.These speakers are priced quite affordably at $100, so hurry up music lover, this tempting piece is up for grabs.

By Avinder Dij

With many thanks to BillionairesNewswire.