July 01, 2015

The Rolling Stones To Create Their Own Museum - Updated: #StoneIsm



The Rolling Stones are setting up a new tour for 2016, this time of museums with artifacts from their career.

The exhibition will include “original stage designs, dressing room and backstage paraphernalia; rare guitars and instruments, iconic costumes, rare audio tracks and unseen video clips; personal diaries and correspondence; original poster and album cover artwork, and unique cinematic presentations.”

Keith Richards says it’s not just about the Stones. “It’s also about all the paraphernalia and technology associated with a group like us, and it’s this, as well as the instruments that have passed through our hands over the years, that should make the exhibition really interesting.”

Mick Jagger added “We’ve been thinking about it for quite a long time but wanted it to be just right and on a large scale just like planning our touring concert productions. I think right now it’s an interesting time to do it.”

And Charlie Watts has a word or two as well:

Charlie added, ‘’It’s hard to believe that it’s more than fifty years since we began, and it is wonderful to look back to the start and bring everything up to date at this exhibition.’’

Ronnie Wood said, “The scene was great down the King’s Road in the 1960s. That was where you went to hang out and watch the fashions go by. So it is appropriate that our EXHIBITIONISM will be housed at the wonderful Saatchi Gallery.”

According to The Stones, “The immersive exhibition will use nine different rooms spanning over 1,750 square meters, each with its own distinctly designed environment, that will show how the band has changed the way we experience rock and roll.

“As well as over five hundred Rolling Stones important and unseen artefacts from the band’s personal archives, the exhibition will take the public through the band’s fascinating fifty year history, embracing all aspects of art & design, film, video, fashion, performance, and rare sound archives. At the heart of the exhibition is of course the Stones’ musical heritage, that took the group from being a hard working London blues band in the early 1960’s, to becoming inspirational cultural icons adored by millions”.

Exhibitionism will open on April 6, 2016 at the Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road in London where it will be on display for two months before moving on to eleven other cities including New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

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