July 07, 2015

The Disappearing Great Wall Of China


Around 30% of China’s Ming-era Great Wall is said to be disappeared over time because of the adverse natural conditions and reckless tourist and locals activities – including stealing bricks to build their own houses.

It is estimated that upto 50% of the Great Wall is in a bad shape and in urgent need of repair. The Great Wall stretches for thousands of miles, from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Jiayuguan and the edge of the Gobi desert to the west. The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world and it was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

1,962km has melted away over the centuries, the Beijing Times reported. Some of the construction has weathered away, while plants growing in the walls have accelerated the decay, said the report, citing a survey last year by the Great Wall of China Society.It is even said that, “Many towers are becoming increasingly shaky and may collapse in a single rain storm in summer.”

Local residents of this area have also impacted the Great Walls condition. Poor villagers in Lulong county of Hebei, used to go there during the nights and knock thick grey bricks from a section of wall and bring them to the village to build homes. Apart from that stealing the bricks and selling them also generated them revenue so they started to sell them as well. Slabs engraved with Chinese characters were sold for 30 yuan (£3) each by locals.

Under Chinese regulations, people who take bricks from the Great Wall can be fined up to ¥5,000, according to the state-run Global Times. But with no security present near the wall how can they even fine or punish people without proof.

Seems like China needs to impart security on their tourist attraction and monumental construction to safeguard whatever they can.

By Aaron Kay

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