July 19, 2016

Humpback Whale Puts On A Spectacular Show As Tourists Look The Other Way


Photographer John Goodridge snapped the moment the whale breached, its huge body leaping from the waves just five metres from the tourist vessel as the people on board peered in the wrong direction.

“You can see the people on the boat looking the other way, they didn’t even see it breach,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “You can bet they heard it land, though. Yhat boat bobbed around like a cork.

“Those whales weight about 40 tonnes, when they displace 40 tonnes of water it’s an incredible feeling.

“It’s very rare to shoot a whale that close to a boat which gives it some perspective.”

Mr Goodridge said around 12 whales were breaching near Dee Why on Sydney’s northern beaches on Tuesday as they swam up the NSW coast on their northerly migration.

With many thanks to The Australian 

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