July 16, 2016

Letter From Paul McCartney To Prince Sells For $15K


Someone shoveled out a pretty penny for a two-page, handwritten letter from Paul McCartney to Prince, in which McCartney asks Prince to donate money to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

The undated letter went for $14,822.50 through Boston’s RR Auction.

“Dear Princely person,” the letter reads. “I know how hard it is to always be getting letters that ask for some favour or another, so it was not easy for me to accept the job of Lead Patron for a Performing Arts School to be located in my home town, Liverpool. But, you guessed it! I did agree to do it, so now I’m writing to ‘friends and all good people’ to try and interest them in the scheme.”

The letter continues to explain how McCartney co-founded the institute, which opened in 1996. He wrote that he liked the idea of a “Fame”-type school for locals and kids overseas.
The Beatle continued, “A donation from you would be a great boost to the project, and I know your involvement in some way, would be a thrill for everyone concerned. Hope you didn’t mind me writing this, it’s so long since I’ve written letters I feel like I’m back at school myself. Anyway, one of these days you’ll have to come and teach a class some moves!! Who knows, it may turn out to be something special for thousands of future kids. Thanks for looking at this.”

McCartney signed the letter and added a smiley face to the bottom.

It has not been confirmed whether or not Prince, who tragically died this year, donated to the school.

By Lindsey Kupfer
With many thanks to Page Six

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