July 05, 2016

The Rolling Stones: A New Movie About The Making of 'Exile on Main Street'


Set in 1972, the plot sees the band recording their famous double album as tax exiles in southern France.

Their making of Exile On Main Street was infamously reckless and chaotic, with huge amounts of drugs consumed by the musicians.

The film will be based on Robert Greenfield’s 2006 book Exile On Main Street: A Season of Hell With The Rolling Stones.

The former Rolling Stones journalist had the opportunity to interview Richards during their month of vice - an event that takes up most of the book.

Bassist Bill Wyman claimed in his autobiography Stone Alone that the band was divided between the drug-abusers and those going clean for the album. 
In his book he said that Richards and guitarist Mick Taylor were the ones constantly getting high.

Meanwhile he, Jagger and drummer Charlie Watts abstained, so they could concentrate on their work.

Downton Abbey and Doctor Who director Andy Goddard will be in the director’s chair, having also made 2014’s Set Fire To The Stars, about Dylan Thomas.

Goddard is currently casting for actors to play Richards and Jagger.


Virgin’s Richard Branson is backing production, having owned the rights since 2012.

Exile On Main Street is considered by many to be The Rolling Stones’ greatest album.
The 18-song record features the live recording of Tumbling Dice.

By George Simpson


With many thanks to Express UK. 
Above: Keith Richards and Gram Parsons.

The Rolling Stones now celebrate 50 years together. No one would have ever expected that!

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