November 08, 2014

Pterosaurs With 12 Meters Wingspan Struggled While Taking Off


A new discovery about pterosaurs has revealed that the size of flying reptiles was limited by their ability to fly in the air. According to the discovery, if pterosaurs grew too large, they would not be able to fly and would likely have been became food of other predators. 

The new finding is based on large numbers of fossil that researchers had discovered earlier. The discovery suggested that pterosaurs were initially highly successful, but the reptiles that had wingspan of 12 meters would have had trouble taking off. 

According to the researchers, pterosaurs would have lived on earth from the late Triassic to the early Cretaceaous period. They further stated that the largest species may have wingspans of about 10 meters and weighed more than a quarter of a ton. 

In order to know more about the reptiles, a team of experts made a computer model of a pterosaur with six meters wingspan. They created the model with the help of 3D imaging. The size of the model was further increased to create enlarged models with 29 nine meters and 12 meters wingspans. 

According to some textbooks, the beast used to fly in the air. To know if it was scientifically possible, the experts estimated wing strength, flying speed, flexibility of the reptile. They also calculated the power required to take off in pterosaurs. 

Their estimation showed that even the largest pterosaur used to fly by using air currents. According to the results, in order to make safe landing, the largest pterosaur used to slow down its speed. The wings of reptile were formed from a flexible membrane. 

The team stated that pterosaurs used their arms and legs to push themselves off the ground during take-off. Modern birds do not follow the technique.

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