November 11, 2014

Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt Wins Prestigious Breakthough Prize


NOBEL Laureate Brian Schmidt’s discoveries about the expanding universe have generated an expanding clutch of awards, with his team now claiming a share of one the world’s richest science prizes. 
Professor Schmidt and his team of Canberra astronomers have been named recipients of the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for the discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The discovery earned Professor Schmidt and fellow researchers the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics. Over 50 physicists will share the $US3 million ($3.5m) purse accompanying the latest honour.

The Breakthrough Prizes come with a prizemoney purse more than twice as big as the Nobels. They are awarded each year in fundamental physics, life sciences and mathematics.

The prizes are bankrolled by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner and their wives.

Australia’s Terry Tao was also honoured at the California ceremony, after being named in June as one of five inaugural winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics.

The ceremony featured Hollywood actors Kate Beckinsale, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Cameron Diaz, and was staged at NASA’s Hangar One at the Ames research facility in California. Mr Milner said it was an “uplifting occasion” for all involved.

By John Ross

Top picture: 

Left to right, Johns Hopkins University professor Adam Riess, Berkeley professor of physics Saul Perlmutter, actor Eddie Redmayne and ANU professor Brian Schmidt attend the Breakthrough Prize Awards ceremony. Source: Getty Images

Picture below:

Presenter Benedict Cumberbatch and Breakthrough Prize Founder Mark Zuckerburg (right) speak onstage during the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony. 



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I am sure that Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne were there because of their recent films - "The Imitation Game" and "The Theory of Everything".

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