November 20, 2014

You Tube: Some Useful Hacks And Tips


"This video covers some tips and tricks involving YouTube that help enhance user experience. For a list of all of the links used in this video, and to ask questions regarding this video, please visit the link below:"

The clip I posted above has some very useful hacks on it. I am interested in audio and video
hacks in particular.I have often downloaded You Tube clips and made compilations that can be burned to a DVD and watched on a bigger screen. 

You can do likewise with some hard-to-get movies.If you have a Blu-Ray player on your computer you can use a double-sided DVD for the longer ones.

You can make these compilations in Windows by using Windows Movie Maker. I don't know if Apple has an equivalent program, it probably does, but I do know that QuickTime is not an editing program. 

Windows Movie Maker allows you to burn the DVD in either PAL or NTSC format which is useful if you don't have a multi-region DVD player.I have found that in Windows 7 the menu function doesn't work very well: the FreeMake one does. I suppose the Windows 8 system may have improved on this feature.
FreeMake  is also a very useful program. In fact it was recommended to me by the local Apple help desk because I had used my iPhone to take a video clip and at that time I wasn't aware that the lens had to be in the top left corner. QuickTime no longer allows you to change the orientation of the clips but FreeMake does.

Both FreeMake and Windows Movie Maker have editing abilities, unlike Quick Time.

At this point it is useful to know that all clips downloaded from You Tube are Apple-compatible. By this I mean you can copy and paste them into your iTunes program under 'Movies', watch them there, and on your iPad or iPhone once you have synced them. You can also choose which ones you want to sync.

If you are using Firefox, and it seems many people are, then you also have the option of getting add-ons that cover audio and video downloading. This is just as easy as Freemake, if not more so.Here is a link for audio and video and there are several others.

I haven't tried this one but we all have our favourite music and it could be very handy.
I just get annoyed that You Tube puts 'Watched' on everyone you have watched!
You can get rid of this by scrolling down to the 'history' button and clearing it.



Here is another clip of hacks from BuzzFeed:


This one, above, is good for different effects.

I haven't tried this as yet but if it is true I guess it is pretty easy also.

There are a few ways to watch blocked You Tube clips as well as the one I have posted in the side bar: This and this.

As far as music-clip compilations are concerned I haven't as yet found a way to get the volume of the songs I have used to be even throughout. Then again, one has a similar problem with iTunes, especially annoying if you are using a docking station, or headphones. 
Like with your custom-made DVD's you need to have your finger near the volume control.

I guess I will have to go back to You Tube and see if there is a clip that can help me out - there usually is!